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Defining Grassroots campaigning

Politicians often employ professionals skilled in crafting strategic messaging, tailoring their speeches to appeal to specific audiences, and practicing the art of deflecting answers or employing politically correct gaslighting. They may claim to be grassroots, using the term as a buzzword, but their actions often contradict this assertion. They may also assert that they are not funded by major corporations, but campaign regulations generally prohibit candidates from accepting corporate funds unless they establish a political action committee (PAC). Nonetheless, some seek out these large PACs to sidestep direct engagement with the public.

These well-established entities can channel dark money and fund extensive advertising campaigns, including smear efforts aimed at silencing those who refuse to compromise their principles at the expense of the people. The focus becomes less about what's genuinely beneficial for the people and more about who can shout the loudest that they are right. Consequently, voters are often denied the opportunity to choose among authentic candidates, as the playing field is far from level

Organizations and businesses often align with candidates out of fear that supporting someone else might lead to repercussions. Conventional advice sometimes suggests raising millions of dollars before entering the political arena. However, such financial equity is often lacking in our communities, leaving many individuals excluded.

Now, let's consider what genuine grassroots means. It entails starting from the bottom up, putting in the hard work, beginning from scratch, and persistently working toward one's goals, regardless of the challenges. Grassroots campaigns are powered by passionate individuals who wholeheartedly believe in the change they are striving to bring about.

Throughout my campaign, I have been heavily involved in the community, wearing many hats, and juggling various responsibilities. I started out with me and my husband in 2022, now having 25 volunteers. My team and I have worked tirelessly, managing numerous tasks, including appearing at festivals and events to network with the community, highway sign-holding, door-to-door campaigning, a 39-county tour, community unity gatherings, PDC research, website maintenance, social media engagement, video editing, speech writing, email communication, and phone calls. Oh, and let's not forget I delivered a baby. Literally!!!

My dedicated team has stepped up to support my campaign in numerous ways. As I continue to work to build awareness and representation for our communities, I am deeply grateful for the individuals who have embraced my message and mission. Together, we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable political landscape.

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