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EL'ona Kearney for Governor Speaks Out Amid Allegations of Political Intimidation


Seattle, WA – May 14, 2024 - EL'ona Kearney, a candidate for governor of Washington State, has called out Bob Ferguson for undemocratic behavior in the gubernatorial race. As an Army veteran who served to protect freedoms and rights, Kearney finds Ferguson's actions concerning.

Ferguson's claim that the 2 Bob’s was a felony has raised eyebrows. Kearney asserts that this is a historical tactic used by career politicians with significant backing to squeeze out smaller candidates who pose a threat.

In response, she says there are ballot identifier choices. Prior to the Bob’s signing up, Kearney took to social media to address information of perceived threats and harassment against herself. She expressed concerns about her safety and highlighted the importance of democracy in allowing all candidates to run without fear of intimidation.

"This is a destruction of democracy," Kearney stated. "It's unacceptable for big candidates or their cronies to threaten or harass smaller candidates into not running. If this continues, we'll never have truly representative choices on the ballot."

Kearney’s video can be viewed on Instagram (@elonaforgov) to understand the harassment and threats she has faced.



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