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EL'ona Kearney for Governor Stands for Police Accountability Amidst Manny Ellis Trial


Seattle, WA December 23, 2023- As the Manny Ellis trial unfolds, gubernatorial candidate EL'ona Kearney stands firmly for police accountability and justice. Reflecting on personal experiences and the tragic events surrounding Manny Ellis's death, EL'ona expresses deep empathy and a sense of understanding towards the frustrations with police accountability.

Recalling an incident from her past where she witnessed racial violence and faced unjust treatment by law enforcement, EL'ona shares her journey towards building positive relationships with law enforcement despite initial adversity. However, the recent events surrounding Manny Ellis's death have served as a stark reminder that systemic issues persist within law enforcement agencies.

In light of conservative reporter Brandi Kruse's statements praising the outcome of the trial, EL'ona emphasizes the need to transcend partisan divides and prioritize accountability and justice for all. She criticizes Bob Ferguson’s political maneuvering that seeks to undermine the severity of the issue with the law he created.

EL'ona highlights the importance of creating positive relationships and dialogue between community members and law enforcement through outreach initiatives. She advocates for facilitating discussions among the attorney general, law enforcement agencies, and communities to establish laws that hold unjust law enforcement officers accountable.

"For too long, marginalized communities have suffered from the lack of accountability within law enforcement," said EL'ona. "As governor, I am committed to fostering transparency, accountability, and justice for all Washingtonians."

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:

Brian Yount 

Campaign Communications Director 

Phone: 206-660-4811 


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About El'ona Kearney

El'ona Kearney is a candidate for governor of Washington State, dedicated to representing the diverse voices of Washingtonians and delivering transparent, inclusive leadership.


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