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EL’ona Kearney for Governor Touring Washington State to Bring Unity in Politics by Listening to the People


Tukwila, WA. June 30, 2023 - EL’ona Kearney, a groundbreaking gubernatorial candidate, is going on a historic 39 county tour across Washington State, starting Tuesday, with stops in Yakima, Klickitat, and Benton counties, followed by Benton, Grant, and Kittitas counties on Wednesday. This tour marks a transformative journey to connect with every Washingtonian, regardless of party affiliation, to advocate for their voices and create unity in politics.

EL’ona Kearney's vision is to create a Washington State where all voices are heard, and unity prevails. By visiting 39 counties, she aims to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of every community are acknowledged and represented. As a strong advocate for diversity and inclusivity, EL’ona embraces the opportunity to listen to black voters, Democrats, and moderate Republicans, working together to build a brighter future for the state.

"I am thrilled to kick off my 39 county tour and engage with the wonderful people of Washington State. This tour is about listening to the people, understanding their needs, and bringing unity to our diverse communities. By hearing firsthand the challenges and dreams of every Washingtonian, we can create policies that truly serve the people," said EL’ona Kearney, a dynamic candidate with a passion for progress and community support.

During the tour, EL’ona Kearney will be available for group meetings, interviews, and public engagements. Follow her journey on social media to stay updated on her itinerary, and seize the opportunity to meet her in person. Her social media handles are: 

- Twitter: @ElonaForWA 

- Instagram: @ElonaForWA 

- Facebook: @ElonaForGovernor 


Media Relations

Phone: (206) 660-4811




About EL’ona Kearney


EL’ona Kearney is a passionate and dynamic candidate running for Governor of Washington State in the 2024 election. With a focus on unity, community, and support, EL’ona aims to bring diverse voices together and create positive change for all Washingtonians. Her campaign is driven by a genuine commitment to listen, understand, and advocate for the needs of the people, regardless of party affiliations.

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