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Renton, WA – February 28,2023 - El'ona Kearney, candidate for Governor of Washington State, held a successful "Celebrating Our Differences" fundraiser on April 1, 2023, located at 416 Burnett Ave S, Renton, WA 98057, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

With her campaign slogan "Removing Labels and Uniting Communities," Kearney aimed to create dialogue and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds. Attendees were invited to connect beyond cultural, racial, and party lines, focusing instead on shared concerns and experiences.

The event began with an open forum where participants were encouraged to share misconceptions about the labels they were judged by. Representatives from various groups, including the queer community, immigrant community, and individuals from different political affiliations, shared their perspectives.

Kearney then outlined her campaign goals and strategies for bridging the political divide. Emphasizing the importance of finding common ground, she introduced a speed-dating-style game. Attendees were paired with others they might typically view as adversaries based on labels, and tasked with discovering commonalities, from favorite foods to desired community improvements.

This event is just one example of Kearney's commitment to bringing diverse voices together. In a previous gathering, she facilitated dialogue between open-minded members of the Proud Boys and members of the Black community, resulting in newfound friendships and understanding.

Kearney's "Celebrating Our Differences" fundraiser exemplifies her vision for a more inclusive and united Washington State. By transcending labels and developing genuine connections, Kearney aims to create a political landscape where all voices are heard and valued.

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About El'ona Kearney

El'ona Kearney is a candidate for Governor of Washington State. With a focus on removing labels and uniting communities, Kearney is dedicated to building bridges and creating positive change. Through her inclusive approach to politics, she seeks to empower all Washingtonians and ensure that every voice is heard.

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