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Seatac, WA – August 22, 2023 - Today, El'ona Kearney, a devoted community advocate and a passionate advocate for the people, announced the launch of her transformative campaign for a more unified Washington. Kearney's mission is to unite communities and remove divisive labels that have hindered progress in the past, putting the power back into the hands of Washingtonians. 

As a former single mother, military intelligence veteran, entrepreneur, and wife of a union worker, Kearney's life experiences have shaped her commitment to building stronger, supportive communities. Her campaign slogan, "Uniting Communities. Removing Labels," encapsulates her vision of bringing people together and focusing on shared values and goals. 

At the core of Kearney's platform are three foundational values: Support, Community, and Unity. She believes that by empowering and supporting communities, they can tap into the unique skills and strengths of individuals and families. Through this approach, Kearney aims to strengthen the framework of communities and foster an environment where everyone can thrive. 

Kearney seeks to redefine the concept of unity by embracing diversity rather than using it as a divisive tool. She firmly believes that Washington's strength lies in the rich tapestry of its residents and that by celebrating and respecting different perspectives, the state can achieve true unity. 

The cornerstone of Kearney's campaign is her commitment to placing families first and prioritizing Washington's needs above all else. In decision-making processes concerning critical issues such as homelessness, mental health, and the environment, Kearney will center her choices on family values, the betterment of Washington, and common-sense solutions. 

Kearney's personal journey resonates deeply with Washingtonians. From the challenges of being a single mother, scraping together change from the couch to put food on the table, to the struggles faced as a business owner, she understands the power of advocacy at both a personal and political level. Now, she aims to give Washingtonians a seat at the governor's table, empowering them to advocate for themselves and their communities. 

As EL'ona Kearney's campaign gains momentum, her commitment to the people of Washington becomes even more resolute. Having signed up to run for governor in May 2022, she finds herself in the midst of an inspirational 39-county tour, actively engaging with communities across the state. EL'ona's mission is clear: to lend an attentive ear to the concerns, hopes, and aspirations of every individual she meets. By elevating the voices of everyday people, she aspires to cultivate a collective vision that mirrors the shared experiences of all Washingtonians. To learn more about El'ona Kearney's dynamic, community-driven campaign dedicated to fostering community unity, and to become part of this transformative journey, please visit or reach out at 206-660-4811. Together, let's shape a brighter future based on the values that connect us all.



About El'ona Kearney: 

El'ona Kearney is a devoted community advocate, former military intelligence veteran, and a passionate believer in the power of unity. With a focus on support, community, and unity, Kearney seeks to empower individuals and families, strengthen communities, and bring Washingtonians together. Her transformative campaign aims to remove divisive labels and create a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. 





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