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EL'ona Kearney Spreads Joy on Her Birthday by Feeding the Homeless in Tacoma


Tacoma, WA - December 20, 2023 - Today, gubernatorial candidate EL'ona Kearney celebrated her birthday in a truly meaningful way by giving back to the community. Joined by volunteers and supporters, EL'ona spent the day distributing food and essentials to the homeless population in Tacoma.

In a gesture of compassion and solidarity, EL'ona took to the streets of Tacoma to provide warm meals and essential supplies to those in need. Amidst the holiday season, she aimed to bring joy and relief to individuals facing homelessness, emphasizing the importance of kindness and empathy during challenging times.

"Today, as I celebrate another year of life, I am reminded of the importance of giving back to those less fortunate," said EL'ona. "Feeding the homeless in Tacoma is not only a way to mark my birthday, but also a reflection of my commitment to supporting and uplifting marginalized communities across Washington state."

EL'ona's act of generosity resonated deeply with the recipients, who expressed gratitude for the warm meals and compassionate outreach. By leading by example, EL'ona demonstrated her dedication to serving the people of Washington and encouraging a culture of compassion and support.

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About El'ona Kearney

El'ona Kearney is a candidate for governor of Washington State, dedicated to representing the diverse voices of Washingtonians and delivering transparent, inclusive leadership.



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