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Olympia, WA - January 23, 2024 - El'ona Kearney, candidate for governor of Washington State, took a bold stand against SB 5209, Mandatory Civic Voting, by testifying before the Senate on January 23, 2024. Kearney passionately voiced her opposition to the bill, highlighting its infringement on freedom of speech and constitutional rights.

SB 5209 proposes mandatory civic voting, requiring all eligible citizens to vote in elections. Kearney raised concerns about the coercion inherent in such legislation, arguing that forcing individuals to vote goes against the principles of freedom of choice and expression. She emphasized that not voting is a legitimate form of free speech, allowing individuals to express their lack of trust in a government that excludes them.

In her compelling testimony, Kearney drew from her experience as a veteran, valuing the fundamental freedoms that she fought to defend. She asserted that coercion, such as requiring individuals to sign a blank ballot if they opt out of voting, is equal to signing a blank check and undermines the principles of democracy.

"As a veteran valuing freedom of choice and a democratic candidate for governor, I firmly believe that coercion is unconstitutional," stated Kearney in her closing statement.

Kearney's courageous stance against SB 5209 underscores her commitment to upholding constitutional rights and safeguarding the democratic process. By speaking out against mandatory civic voting, Kearney reaffirms her dedication to protecting the freedoms and liberties of all Washingtonians.

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 About El'ona Kearney

El'ona Kearney is a candidate for governor of Washington State. With a background in advocacy, entrepreneurship, and community engagement, Kearney is committed to representing the voices of all Washingtonians and building a brighter future for the state.


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