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August 3, 2022 Seattle, WA - As the gubernatorial race has yet to begin, EL’ona Kearney emerges as a candidate with a deeply personal connection to the issue of homelessness. A veteran and single mother who once faced homelessness herself, Kearney brings a unique perspective to the table.

Kearney's journey began when she realized she lacked a fixed address to receive notifications from her children's school. Despite having income, she couldn't afford the deposit for a rental due to the lack of affordable housing. This revelation shattered stereotypes, highlighting the diverse faces of homelessness beyond the usual stereotypes.

Now a homeowner in a historically disadvantaged community in King County, Kearney is committed to revolutionizing how we address homelessness. Her platform, encapsulated in the slogan "Removing Labels," emphasizes the importance of humanizing experiences and refraining from judgment.

Kearney's multifaceted approach to homelessness includes:

1. Release Surplus Lands: Kearney proposes the release of surplus lands to establish designated areas for homeless camps. This consolidation will allow for better resource allocation and service provision.

2. Categorize Needs: Recognizing the diverse needs of the homeless population, Kearney plans to categorize individuals based on their specific requirements, whether it's addiction recovery, mental health support, job training, or access to affordable housing.

3. Provide Essential Services: Kearney pledges to ensure access to basic amenities like water and electricity at discounted rates within designated camps. Nonprofit organizations will play a pivotal role in maintaining these facilities.

4. Drug Addiction Support: Kearney advocates for comprehensive treatment programs within homeless camps to address drug addiction. These programs will encompass rehabilitation services, relocation, counseling, and ongoing support.

5. Reintegration and Employment: Kearney aims to empower individuals to rebuild their lives by providing job opportunities, vocational training, and resources for reintegration into society.

By implementing these strategies, Kearney believes we can address the root causes of homelessness and foster a more inclusive and compassionate society.

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact:

Brian Yount, Campaign Communications Director 

Phone: 206-660-4811  or Email:

Stay updated on El'ona Kearney's campaign by visiting the official website at and following her on social media @elonaforgov.

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