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Is our democracy in danger?

I agree, our democracy is in danger. But by who? Are the people who say it is, saying it for our awareness? Or are they saying it because deceit is best served when they act like they are the one looking out for everyone’s best interest?

I see our democracy facing significant threats. A sense of deceit looms as politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, it’s as if they are collaborating behind closed doors to undermine the foundations of our democracy. The unity that our nation desperately needs seems overshadowed by political agendas and divisions.

It is important to note that when the time comes, and it will, efforts to discredit me due to my personal life, such as my husband's previous incarceration or my bankruptcy, should be viewed with scrutiny. My experiences, including the journey of my husband's rehabilitation, have provided unique insights into the criminal justice system and the need for restorative justice. According to the Sentencing Project, this state has .87% of ex-felons out of 5,173,974 are voting age (this includes registered and not registered). This is a second chance state that allows ex-felons to vote. Which means approximately 45,013 ex-felons should make sure they are registered to vote. To ensure they are heard, vote for me because I say you have paid your dues to society, we forgive you. This is why justice reform is important. In order to prevent others from going down this path, we need you to be at the table.

Housing and economic disparities also hit close to home, as I have faced homelessness as a s

ingle parent. My life experiences have shaped my dedication to advocating for solutions that address these issues and create a more equitable society. My bankruptcy experience, domestic violence, and homelessness were predicate of the other.

My bankruptcy, a result of identity theft orchestrated by my bigamist ex-husband and having to go into hiding, set off a chain reaction. Many individuals are struggling to secure safe living environments. While some of us have the income to afford rent, the requirement of earning three times the rent in order to secure a place creates a barrier. In addition to this, the prevalence of multiple application fees and the absence of a cap on rent increases, which often outpace income growth, are forcing people out of their homes.

I empathize with the frustration of applying for housing, paying application fees alongside 25 other applicants, and not receiving a favorable response. These fees add up and eat into your deposit. Furthermore, when seeking deposit or rental assistance, you're left calling just a minute before the lines open, hoping to be placed in a waiting queue, only to be disappointed after hours of waiting, as the funds have already been exhausted.

Let's examine the financial inequality in Washington State, as reported in a recent Seattle Times article from September 2, 2023, by journalist Alison Saldanha. The wage gap is widening. Additionally, a report from the Workforce Development Council of King County in September 2023 states that "28% of working-age

households struggle to meet their basic needs." That's an additional 1,448,712 individuals who should support my candidacy because those orchestrating smear campaigns claim you don't deserve representation. When they argue my credentials for governor, know that I advocate for you from a place of experience and a heart to listen, over their textbook theories that have increased the problems.

By just considering these two categories of voters, I could secure a primary win. Now, imagine if we delve into my other attributes and flaws; I could represent more than 51% of Washington State residents who are tired of politicians treating us as mere statistics, rather than addressing our specific concerns. Instead, they seem to benefit from our problems, while we strive to eliminate those problems.

We can endlessly point fingers at what individuals are or are not doing, but we must also examine the availab

le resources and choices that can bring about change.

The disparities in Washington State, as highlighted, do not get addressed unless we have an inclusive government where individuals who deserve representation and support are at the table.

I may not be a perfect candidate, but I am committed to being authentic and innovative. I believe in building bridges and unifying efforts among diverse communities to make Washington State a safer, more affordable place where the narratives we write for ourselves can be realized.

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