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Promoting Transparency and Accountability: EL’ona Kearney Unveils Fiscal Budget Policy for Washington State


Seattle, WA- September 11, 2022. EL’ona Kearney, gubernatorial candidate for Washington State, is dedicated to enhancing transparency, accountability, and responsible fiscal management in state government. Understanding the frustrations of citizens regarding transparency and accountability in government spending, EL’ona is proactively addressing these concerns.

EL’ona advocates for citizens' right to understand how their tax dollars are used and if they achieve intended outcomes. Having navigated government bureaucracy firsthand as a candidate, she acknowledges the challenges and the need for clearer accountability measures.

To address these issues, EL’ona unveils a comprehensive fiscal budget policy for implementation if elected governor. This policy focuses on:

1. Transparency Measures: Implementing accessible online portals for real-time tracking of government expenditures, ensuring taxpayers have insight into fund allocation.

2. Accountability Standards: Establishing accountability measures, including regular audits and holding accountable those responsible for misuse of funds.

3. Efficiency and Cost Savings: Prioritizing efficient government operations, reducing waste, and identifying opportunities for cost savings without compromising essential services.

4. Bipartisan Collaboration: Committing to bipartisan collaboration to develop and implement fiscal policies benefiting all citizens.

EL’ona's goal is to restore trust in government by prioritizing transparency, accountability, and responsible fiscal management. Through her fiscal budget policy, she aims to create a government that serves and is accountable to the people.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:

Brian Yount, Campaign Communications Director

Phone: 206-660-4811


Stay updated on El'ona Kearney's campaign by visiting the official website at and following her on social media @elonaforgov.



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