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I'm not running for governor. WE are!

Meet EL'ona Kearney, a woman who embodies the qualities of a leader, a mother, and an advocate. With a diverse background and a strong sense of accountability, she has dedicated her life to supporting her community and bringing unity to those around her.

Growing up as the oldest of five siblings to a Christian non-denominational pastor and a Jewish father, EL'ona learned the importance of protecting and advocating for others at a young age. In her senior year of high school, she broke barriers by hosting unity events and became the school spirit club president. This was just the beginning of her journey towards making a positive impact on the world.

After joining the Military Intelligence Battalion as a computer analyst, EL'ona assisted in writing company policies and later became a single mother who homeschooled her kids. Her experience as a parent motivated her to become a self published author, and start a nonprofit organization that brought politicians to mentor youth on writing bills and presenting bill proposals.

EL'ona continued to make an impact in her community by lobbying for Renton Technical College funding, winning the Student Veteran Internship to present a bill proposal, and speaking before Congress on behalf of various bills. She later graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business and became an entrepreneur with a focus on forgiveness coaching that teaches unity and shifting perception for a productive life.

As a mother, an Army intelligence veteran, and an entrepreneur, EL'ona possesses a unique skill set that includes creating a diverse and equitable environment, being a good listener, and fighting for her children's success. As the wife of a union worker, she also believes in the mission of family first, opening doors to second chances.

Now, EL'ona is running for Washington State Governor in 2024 to bring her skills to the table and focus on issues that affect everyone, regardless of party division. With her dedication, loyalty, and experience, she has the potential to be an exceptional leader who cares about the wellbeing of her community and the people in it.



  • Citrus High School Black and Gold Club president. Founded event “Breaking the Barriers of Racism”


  • Joined the US Army

  • Served in Military Intelligence as a computer analyst

  • Assisted in writing company policies


  • Coined life motto to “Be a Promotion of forgiveness, Not the Emotion of a traumatic past”

  • Founded Citrus County Community Alliance with the help of Florida State Representative Jimmie T Smith. Taught youth how to write legislative bills, brainstorm solutions, and present issues


  • Radio Cohost  KLAY 1180 "The Military Report" along with retired veterans Sgt Rick Tillman and CSM Lenny Augustine. A top-rated and one of the longest-running radio shows on AM radio


Vice President of VFW Post 1263 until 2022

  • Attended Renton Technical College Business AA program

  • President of the Multicultural club and Veterans Club. Served on student leadership, student senate, and College Council


  • February held the first diverse black history program at RTC

  • Assisted my college president to lobby on behalf of the college in Olympia


  • Won the 2021 Student Veteran Fellowship top 5 for writing and presenting a policy before Congress in March 2021. That policy (Veteran Student Childcare Initiative) is now being worked into a bill by the House

  • Ran for Seatac City Council


  • Signed up to run for Washington State Governor

  • Graduated from the Evergreen State College BA Business program


  • Speaker on SB 5000 American Chinese History Month

  • Passing of SB5000

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